Bowls New Zealand recognises the need for and encourages skilled coaching at all levels of the game and in recent years this has resulted in the qualification process for coaches being developed nationally to a high standard.

The JBC currently has three nationally qualified coaches and the club offers coaching to players at all levels. In particular, coaching for new bowlers is offered at the start of the season in a group setting over a number of weeks. New bowlers can then continue to be coached in a smaller group or as individuals if they wish.

All players have the opportunity to make their own arrangements with one of the club's coaches. Players who want to reach their true potential are encouraged to take this opportunity.

For the more ambitious – National and Centre selectors have made it clear that they regard coaching as a priority requirement for representative players. Where better to start than at the club level.

To contact any of our Club Coaches please use the Contact Us form on the frontpage of this website.